‘Hipster’ officer better than ever after major op

Beverley Webber with Mason and Ollie
Beverley Webber with Mason and Ollie

A police officer is living life to the full after undergoing a hip operation at the relatively young age of 42.

Beverly Webber, one of only 16 explosive dog handlers based at Gatwick Airport, is back at work only six weeks after the operation at the Spire Gatwick Park Hospital.

She started getting pains in her right leg and groin a couple of years ago, but she put it down to groin strain. She had physiotherapy but after a year the pain had grown worse, so she went back to the doctor and insisted on having an MRI scan.

Beverly, who lives near East Grinstead, said, “I actually thought I had cancer in the bone. I was now getting shooting pains when walking and was beginning to limp. I carried on doing my job but started to struggle getting in and out of the police car. “The lads at work joked that I could only turn right because of my limp.”

The MRI scan showed she had osteoarthritis of the hip and she was told she would need a hip replacement…but not for another 10 years.

Shortly after this diagnosis, Beverly had to take her annual police fitness test. Although not keen on taking medication, she dosed herself up with painkillers and passed with flying colours .

She finally accepted the fact she needed to have a hip replacement when her son fell off his pony.

“I went to run to help him and realised I couldn’t because it was too painful. I thought I should not be 42 and not able to help or play with my kids.”

Not only is she back patrolling the second busiest airport in the UK with Mason and Ollie, she is also horse-riding again - something she has done since she was five years old – and, importantly, playing with her two children.

Now she is part of a young `hipsters’ Facebook group and has also found a young hip `buddy’ in her village. They encourage each other and share progress reports via texts.