New service provides vital care for stroke survivors

Health news. Photo: Shutterstock SUS-150730-111621001
Health news. Photo: Shutterstock SUS-150730-111621001

More than 200 stroke survivors each year will be benefiting from a new West Sussex service.

The Stroke Association has launched a new Six Month Review service, funded by two local Clinical Commissioning Groups: Horsham and Mid Sussex, and Crawley.

As part of the service, a team of three Stroke Association co-ordinators will work with stroke survivors, their families and carers.

They’ll provide essential information, emotional support and practical advice in the six months after someone has had a stroke.

One stroke survivor who has already benefited from Stroke Association support in West Sussex is Patricia Lilly.

Patricia, 75, from Burgess Hill, had a stroke last August at the hairdressers.

It left Patricia with weakness on the right hand side of her body, and with problems with her memory and concentration.

Patricia said: “I really don’t think I could had got to where I am today without the Stroke Association. They were extremely helpful and supportive after I had my stroke.

“Having a stroke is completely frightening, that’s why getting the right support is vital. I couldn’t understand why simple tasks like writing a cheque or remembering a word suddenly felt impossible.

“The Stroke Association guided me through the effects of my stroke, made me understand what was happening and gave me the best support to help me live my life after stroke.”

Tara Galloway, Interim Lead for the Stroke Association in the South East Coast, said: “Stroke has a massive and sudden impact. People’s lives are changed forever - not just for the stroke survivor, but for their family and friends as well. Our new Six Month Review service in West Sussex will help people affected by stroke to rebuild their lives.

“Being able to return to work, live independently and take control of your life again after a stroke are all vitally important steps on the road to recovery for stroke survivors. We look forward to working together with two local Clinical Commissioning Groups to help more people recover from the devastating impact of stroke.”

For more information about the Six Month Review service, contact Tara Galloway at or 01622 351966