Hollywood movie legend’s daughter in new search for cherished pet cat as it goes missing AGAIN

Teddy SUS-171008-165041001
Teddy SUS-171008-165041001

A cherished pet cat belonging to the daughter of Hollywood movie legend Orson Welles has gone missing - for the SECOND time within months.

The cat - called Teddy - first disappeared soon after moving into his new home at Maplehurst near Horsham after arriving from the USA with his owner Beatrice Welles in May.

Distraught Beatrice launched a massive search to find Teddy and had almost given up hope of ever seeing him again when, miraculously, he was finally tracked down two months later.

He was discovered, thin and starving, by a walker on the Downs Link near West Grinstead. He was gradually recovering from his ordeal back safely home once more when he disappeared again a week ago on Monday.

“I am shocked. I am beside myself,” said Beatrice. “I think people must think I’m an idiot. How could I lose him again? Never in a million years would I have thought that cat would wander. He is not a wandering cat. He must have somehow got scared again.”

She said she had initially kept Teddy indoors after his original ordeal. “He didn’t want to go far anyway,” she said. “The memory of what happened was there.”

But last Monday Beatrice left the door to her home open and Teddy was going happily in and out - until Beatrice spotted him with a dead mouse in his mouth.

She shut the door to stop him bringing in the rodent - and it was the last time she saw her much-loved pet.

“I started to panic when I realised he was missing and I think he also went into panic mode when he couldn’t get back indoors and just ran - and then didn’t know where he was like before. He is just such a sweet cat.”

It is thought that Teddy may still be in the Copsale and Nuthurst area. Anyone who spots him is asked to call 07711818669 or 01403738037.