Home Secretary backs Crawley MP Henry Smith at campaign launch

The Home Secretary said Crawley ‘deserves’ to have Henry Smith re-elected as its MP.

Theresa May MP and Mr Smith gave speeches at his re-election campaign launch event at the Arora Hotel, Southgate Avenue, today (Tuesday February 17). Conservative councillors and supporters attended.



She said: “Henry is a very very good member of parliament, he works extremely hard on behalf of the residents of Crawley.”

The Home Secretary and Mr Smith had worked together on a number of issues relating to Crawley.

She said he raised issues of potential radicalisation and how to maintain the town’s community unity.

Mr Smith said Tory and Labour policies had diverged over the last ten years.

He said not voting for him would help the opposition leader, Ed Miliband, ‘enter Downing Street via the back door’ after the general election in May.

He said: “We have to win this election in Crawley.

“Crawley has a history of whoever has won Crawley goes on to form the Government.

“It is a key marginal, I’m certainly not complacent about our chances here.”