A FORMER British Airways worker who killed his wife and then claimed it was a kinky bondage session gone wrong has been jailed for life.

Mark Goddard, 42, who previously worked at Gatwick Airport, was found guilty of murdering his wife Kerry Ann, a 36-year-old primary school music teacher, by Wolverhampton Crown Court last month, after a nine-day trial.

But Goddard, who had lived with his wife in Cannock, Staffordshire, maintained his innocence.

He said he had blindfolded and bound his wife with a pair of British Airways handcuffs and taken the mother-of-three up in the loft.

He claimed he was clearing a space for them to make love, when she plunged through the floor, landing at the bottom of the steps 16ft below.

Goddard told detectives marks on Kerry's neck had been caused through erotic asphyxiation intended to heighten her sexual pleasure.

And insisted they had an adventurous and experimental love life, enjoyed bondage and having sex in unusual places such as greenhouses, sheds, parks and bouncy castles.

However Judge Frank Chapman blasted this explanation.

He said: "I don't know whether you pushed her in the loft so she fell through or whether that part was an accident.

"What I am sure of is that she did not die as a result of that fall, but that you battered her at the bottom of the steps inflicting facial injuries and then dragged her into the kitchen.

"You then chose not to call for any help, callously cleaned the house up to make it look like an accident and then drove to work."

When Goddard was informed his wife had been found and asked to come home from work, he withdrew 400 from a cash machine and attempted to drive to Scotland before he was caught by police on the M6 in Cumbria.