Jimmy Savile ‘refused entry to Crawley Hospital children’s ward’

Jimmy Saville ENGANL00120121024114400
Jimmy Saville ENGANL00120121024114400

An NHS investigation found no documentary evidence prolific child sex abuser Jimmy Savile visited Crawley Hospital.

Sussex Community NHS Trust today (Thursday February 26) published its report into the ex-BBC DJ’s presence at the hospital from 1972 to his death in 2011.

Jimmy Savile sexually assaulted victims at NHS hospitals for decades.

It stated: “Mrs X, a former patient at Crawley Hospital, alleged that JS [Jimmy Savile] visited Crawley Hospital between 1978 and 1982.

“The Trust carried out an investigation to determine whether JS ever visited Crawley Hospital between 1972 and 2011 (the time of his death).

“The Trust has found no documentary evidence of a visit or an association between JS and Crawley Hospital.

“A member of staff at the Trust has told the investigating team that she was told by other members of staff about JS visiting [singer] Adam Faith when he was being treated at Crawley Hospital in 1973, and that JS was refused entry to a Children’s Ward during his visit. This was some time before the recollection of Mrs X.”

A spokesman for the trust said it had ‘no reason’ not to believe the anecdotal evidence from Mrs X or the longstanding member of staff who said colleagues told her Savile had visited the singer at the hospital.

The report continued: “Public records show that this car accident and subsequent treatment at the Hospital took place during August 1973.

“The investigation team has found no other evidence that JS visited Crawley Hospital at this time.

“No allegation was made of any specific assault or inappropriate behaviour at this time.

“This initial investigation was undertaken through a review of documentary evidence.

“The passage of time, and the history of organisational change for the Hospital, created challenges in investigating a visit which may have taken place 40 years ago – and in consequence, official records have been difficult to obtain and review.

“However, a full review of newspaper and media archives for the Crawley area was undertaken (particularly the Crawley Observer).”