‘Ladies man’ Stan celebrates his 106th birthday in style ... with beer and lobster

Stan White, 106, with his birthday card from the Queen SUS-170817-154530001
Stan White, 106, with his birthday card from the Queen SUS-170817-154530001

Former fireman Stan White officially became one of the oldest men in Britain when he celebrated his 106th birthday last week.

But ask him how he feels about hitting the milestone birthday and he says: “I don’t think about it too much - I still feel 21.”

And his secret to living such a long life? “Bribing the doctor!” says the fun-loving centenarian.

He lists his favourite current pastimes as drinking, eating lobster mayonnaise and wooing the ladies.

Stan, who has been a resident at Ashtonleigh care home in Wimblehurst Road, Horsham, since 2010, also enjoys telling others the stories of his life, especially about time he spent in India.

Stan was born in Battersea and grew up in South London.

He married his wife Margaret in 1953 and they moved to Horsham in 1965.

He has two children Peter and Alison, three grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Stan worked as a fireman for most of his life and served in India during the Second World War as a district fire officer for three years.

He enjoyed woodcarving as a hobby and has a pair of hands that he carved from wood which he is very proud of in his room at Ashtonleigh.

His 106th birthday celebrations were held on August 15 when he had treats throughout the day.

They included a card and poster about his life made by other residents, along, of course, with a card from the Queen.

Stan’s birthday dinner was his favourite lobster mayonnaise, washed down with a beer - which he said he loved.

His family all came to visit to spend the day with him but his biggest surprise was a visit from the local fire brigade.

Members of West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service arrived in their fire service truck and Stan enjoyed chatting to them all.

When asked later what he thought about the firefighters’ visit, he said: “I loved it! I felt like I was amongst my own kind - but they didn’t have a bell like I used to have in the truck.

“I used to ring the bell in the truck I drove. It reminded me of the old fire engine I used to drive but it’s much more expensive now.”

The oldest person in Britain is a woman living in Rotherham, South Yorkshire - Bessie Camm - who is 113.

Britain’s oldest men are Bob Weighton living in Alton, Hampshire, and Alf Smith, from Perth, Scotland, who are both 109 years old.