MAGAZINE: Daddy playground warm-up

Being a dad can be a dangerous business. Even a kick about in the park with the kids can be enough to cause injuries such as a pulled muscle and a knock to the shins.

Playing with the kids on swings or a see-saw can be just as risky, with many a dad being laid low for entire weekends after over exerting himself on the playground rides.

Kyran Braken on a work0out aimed at dads.

Kyran Braken on a work0out aimed at dads.

New research by family insurance brand There shows the average dad suffers 22 injuries a year because of the kids, from accidental kicks to the face, bad backs, to being a human climbing frame and everything in between.

To minimise the risk to dads, Kyran Bracken takes us through a few easy exercises to help dads prepare for that all important play-ground and park endurance test.

Watch the video for some expert tips to make sure you stay safe this weekend.