MAGAZINE: What if your partner was using your finances as a weapon against you?

Financial abuse
Financial abuse

Join Lauren Laverne as she looks at the shocking subject of financial abuse and see how you could in fact be a victim without even realising it.

Most of us can spot the warning signs of domestic abuse when it is physical or verbal but did you know there is another form that is often overlooked and leaves its victims suffering in silence?

Could your loved one be using your finances as a weapon against you? If the answer is yes then you could be a victim of financial abuse.

Financial abuse is within intimate partner relationships, where financial control, exploitation or sabotage is used to control a person’s ability to acquire, use and maintain money.

According to a new report “My Money. My Life,” released by Refuge and The Co-operative Bank, a significant number of people in Britain have experienced financial abuse in a relationship. Victims of financial abuse within a relationship span gender, age, sexuality and income groups but a large number of all cases are reported by women, with cases increasing during key life stages such as moving in with a partner, getting married, and having children.

Speaking out about her own experiences is Kaylin who shares her story and how something as simple as her partner checking her bank statements turned into something more sinister.

To stop this ever growing common form of abuse, The Co-operative Bank is leading the way by committing to implement a series of key recommendations from the report, and remove some of the barriers and traps victims of financial abuse can find themselves in.

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