Mayor discusses Veteran Car Run with RAC

jpco-7-11-12 Veteran Car run from London to Brighton 2012 (Pic by Jon Rigby) ENGSUS00120120511124231
jpco-7-11-12 Veteran Car run from London to Brighton 2012 (Pic by Jon Rigby) ENGSUS00120120511124231

Anger and disappointment over the change of pit-stop for this year’s Veteran Car Run has prompted organisers to meet with town officials.

The decision to move the stopping point from its traditional place in the High Street to the Honda dealership, in London Road, led to streams of complaints from the public and businesses.

Mayor Brenda Smith and Cllr Peter Smith, Cabinet member for planning and economic development, met the chairman of the Veteran Car Run committee and members of the RAC in London to discuss the matter.

While no guarantees were given that the cars would return to their old route next year, the council agreed to work with the RAC to ensure there was no repeat of November’s let-down.

The mayor said: “We had a very useful discussion about future Veteran Car Runs and how important we think it is for Crawley High Street to remain part of the journey and also how the event can be developed to increase the enjoyment of participants and public.”

Cllr Smith added: “We have agreed to work with the RAC to see if we can identify an improved stop in Crawley.

“At this time all options will be considered.”

A Veteran Car Run spokesman said: “I can confirm that a constructive meeting took place between members of the Veteran Car Run steering group and the town council during which various options were discussed.

“However, there’s nothing yet confirmed that we can report on the final 2015 route.”

Cllr Smith added: “It is good news that the RAC wish to work with us to improve the Veteran Car Run for Crawley in 2015. The Crawley stop has long been a highlight for both Crawley residents, visitors to Crawley and the participants themselves and we wish to find a way to make this a much better event for all concerned in 2015, and beyond.

“We are optimistic that if we work together we will be able to achieve this.”