Miss Voluptuous UK 2018 helps to battle the bullies

Miss Voluptuous UK 2018 Katie Davey with event rider Kasey Morley
Miss Voluptuous UK 2018 Katie Davey with event rider Kasey Morley

A beauty queen with a difference has helped a young event rider from Crawley to battle the bullies and get back on the sadle.

Katie Davey, 34, is a mum of three who was recently crowned Miss Voluptuous UK 2018.

Since winning the plus-sive beauty paegent Katie has made it her mission to encourage people of all shapes and sizes to engage in healthier lifestyles

Her first success has been to support and inspire horse rider Kasey Morley, 20, from Chippendale Road, Broadfield,

Kasey almost gave up the sport she loved after becoming the target for bullies

She told the Observer: “It had gone on for years. The bullying was snidey comments behind my back on social meda, saying that my horse wasn’t good enough and that I was good enough, and I was going to give it up.”

When Katie heard about Kasey’s story she teamed up with body positivity group “Positively Perfect” to sponsor Kasey. On October 7 Katie, complete with tiara and Miss Volumptuous sash, braved the mud and met Kasey at the Cottage Stables in Pease Pottage.

Katie, who is also an oestopath who based in Hooley and Brockham, said:

“We went to see Kasey because she had really had her confidence knocked.

“It was lovely to meet her and just give her a bit of encouragement.

“She was over the moon that someone believed in her.”

Katie explained that Kasey’s situation made her an idea candidate for some much-needed support from the current Miss Voluptuous.

She said: “My platform is health, fitness and well-being.

“Kasey enters a lot of competitions so it fits in well with the health and fitness side, and giving her a bit of encouragement so she doesn’t give up on a sport she loves.”

Kasey described Katies as “really nice and supportive” and gave her a confidence boost.

A spokesperson for the Miss Voluptuous competition said: “Miss Voluptuous is a national beauty pageant with a difference.

“Not only do we accept women sized U.K. 14 and above, we require each contestant to compete on behalf of a platform. This is a charity, cause or campaign that they feel passionately about. They spend the competition raising awareness or funds for their chosen platform, many of which come with incredible stories of strength and resiliance.”

To find out more visit www.missvoluptuousuk.co.uk