Mother warns of dangers of sea after son’s death at beach party in Thailand

Alex Wyithe SUS-140327-173409001
Alex Wyithe SUS-140327-173409001

The mother of a man who died at a beach party in Thailand has warned others of the dangers of the sea.

Alexander Wyithe, 29, was found dead on March 16 after becoming caught up in a riptide while swimming in the sea off the island of Koh Phangan.

He was a former Forest School pupil who grew up in the Roffey area and split his time between Crawley and Horsham in recent years.

Senior coroner for West Sussex Penelope Schofield recorded his death as accidental at an inquest held at Horsham’s County Hall North on Wednesday (December 10).

His mother Sharon Wyithe said people needed to be warned about the dangers of swimming in the sea.

She said: “I want to make people aware of the dangers of Thailand and the dangers of riptides. You are not going to get life guards and jackets.”

A report read at the inquest by coroner’s officer Jodie Green, stated Alex had travelled to Thailand alone in March and had made many friends.

He attended the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan on March 15 with friend Ryan Gall.

The inquest heard Ryan and Alex went into the sea at the party in the early hours of the morning on March 16.

A statement from Ryan Gall, read by Ms Green, said there was a strong current in the sea and he lost Alex.

At 8.30am, passers-by spotted Alex’s body on Hat Rin Beach.

The inquest was told Alex suffered from a medical condition which meant he would lose energy and get tired more quickly than most people and this could have been the reason he was not able to battle against the strong currents.

A postmortem conducted in Thailand found the cause of death to be drowning.

In a second postmortem conducted at East Surrey Hospital the cause of death was described as ‘unascertainable’.

Mrs Schofield said she believed on the ‘balance of probabilities’ Alex had died as a result of drowning.

She said: “I believe that on the balance of probabilities this is the cause of his death. I would support the family that his condition contributed to the cause of the death. I conclude this is an accidental death. I hope now that the inquest is over that you can start thinking about his life and happier times.”

Sharon Wyithe thanked the friends and family who had given support over the past ten months.