Mystery man puts up flyers ‘to bring a smile’ to people’s faces


Bizarre posters have been spotted in the Pound Hill area.

Pictures of the mock pet appeals and road traffic warnings were posted near Hazelwick School.

One says: ‘Found, 5ft-tall velociraptor - very bitey ... please pick him up immediately and replace my sofa.’

Another read: ‘Caution heavy plant crossing’ and featured a picture of large spikey palm.

It continued: ‘If you see him crossing this road, kindly tell him to return to his garden and stop causing trouble.’

The Crawley Observer responded to an email address on one of the flyers to ‘That Pole Guy’ (TPG) and asked him why he had created them.

He said: “I guess the best reason for it is just to bring a smile to some people’s faces.

“I saw a father reading one to his two children on Sunday and chuckling as he tried to explain to them about raptors.

“I think as long as more people find things like this funny, then we’re still OK as a species.”

TPG said he put similar posters up in Crawley in the past.

He added: “I’ve been putting some of them up around Crawley for a while now, they get taken down pretty quickly. I like to think that they are now souvenirs but who knows.

“I’ve had many positive emails and only one negative one.”