New design chosen for Queens Square

The chosen design for Queens Square SUS-150603-163915001
The chosen design for Queens Square SUS-150603-163915001
  • ‘Curves’ was chosen after public consultation
  • Bandstand and public art to be moved
  • Design to be approved by borough council

The £3million renovation of Queens Square came one step closer after the public chose its favourite design.

Following a consultation which was launched in November, Crawley Borough Council announced the ‘curves’ design had come top of the list.

Queens Square, Crawley SUS-140606-150540001

Queens Square, Crawley SUS-140606-150540001

The design will be put before a meeting of the council’s Cabinet on Wednesday March 18 for final approval.

Once approval is given, the concept will be developed into a detailed design for the submission of a planning application in July.

The scheme, which will be jointly funded by the borough and county councils, is expected to be completed by mid-2016.

Urban designers Burns + Nice developed three concepts (formal, diagonal and curves), which all incorporated a level square with attractive planting, seating, lighting, water jets and ample space for alfresco dining and future events.

We’ve listened to what residents have told us they want to see in Queens Square.

Cllr Peter Smith

The chosen design also includes a number of key principles:

Accessibility: universal accessibility for all users at all times in the Square

Movement: the design will encourage movement to the centre of the square by creating an interesting focal point that invites people in and emphasises the curves of the planters to guide people across the square

Events: the design will ensure that space is available for a range of events

Sub-spaces: smaller spaces will be created for specific activities particularly when major events are not taking place

Lighting: high quality lighting and way finding will be ensured to improve the legibility and navigation of the area

Curved planters and landscaping will be designed to provide contrast against the strong rectangular shape of the square and soften the stark geometry of the surrounding buildings.

In addition to the renovation, the bandstand will be refurbished, redecorated and relocated to the Memorial Gardens while the Martlets Tree - the eye-catching metallic birds - will also be moved, though no new location has yet been picked.

Cllr Peter Smith, Cabinet member for planning and economic development, said: “We’ve listened to what residents have told us they want to see in Queens Square.

“Water features, more green elements and improved lighting, layout and seating – we’re incorporating all of these in this final design concept. It’s very exciting and, if approved, will be a big step to improving our town centre.

“In addition, we’re increasing and improving the events we put on in Queens Square as part of our town centre regeneration programme to encourage visitors to stay longer.”

Pieter Montyn, West Sussex County Council Cabinet member for highways and transport, added: “These exciting proposals will transform this space. We cannot wait to the see the final results.”

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