NHS places Crawley health group in ‘special measures’

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A group responsible for planning, buying and monitoring local health services - Crawley Clinical Commissioning Group - has been placed in ‘special measures’ by NHS England.

The group has faced substantial financial pressures over the past year and has been placed in special measures following a statutory annual assessment.

Dr Laura Hill, acting clinical accountable officer at NHS Crawley CCG, said: “Crawley CCG is facing significant pressures, which have continued as the demand for health and care has increased and people live with more complex conditions for longer.

“A great deal of work is already underway within the CCG to improve our position, including our Financial Recovery Plan; a robust and ambitious strategy to address our financial situation.

“Being in special measures will bring with it some additional support from NHS England, who we will continue to work closely with on our future plans, particularly around our finances.

“This latest rating shows the need to transform local health and care services, to reflect the needs of our patients.

“The East Surrey and Sussex Sustainability and Transformation Partnership that we are involved with, along with our partners, will be a key part of that”.