Semi-nude blueberry and elderflower layered cake

Eat your cake semi-nude

It’s the latest Instagram trend to only semi-ice a cake – but with this moist blueberry and elderflower layer, less is definitely more.

A late 18th century automaton clock by James Cox.

James Cox’s amazing clocks

A rare late 18th century tortoiseshell and gilt-metal bracket clock with a processional automaton by the celebrated British entrepreneur and goldsmith James Cox (1723-1800) has been discovered by Toovey’s specialist, Tom Rowsell, in a London collection.

Just a Thought wiith the Bishop of Chichester SUS-171110-140358001

To be glad and generous for harvest

Part of the natural world’s rhythm at this time of year is gathering in the harvest. Living in this part of the world and driving around the countryside we see the harvest in action. Fields with machines going up and down, spraying, fertilising, ploughing, sowing and harvesting. It demonstrates how much work goes in to producing our food.

Peter Lamb

Housing problem needs a national solution

I’m often told when Crawley was built, residents were told there would be homes for ‘you’, for ‘your children’ and for ‘your children’s children’. 
It was a bold pledge, particularly since the country was bankrupt at the time, but it was also a time when voters felt that the State which had beaten the Far Right in the Second World War was capable of delivering for Britain in peace time too.

The Royal Academy's professor of perspective, Humphrey Ocean RA in conversation with Nicholas Toovey and Jeremy Knight.

RA250 celebrated at Horsham

Horsham Museum and Art Gallery’s latest exhibition Watercolour RA250 explores the relationship of leading royal academicians with the medium of watercolour.

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