A battle to secure investment for Crawley

The Conservative View with Cllr Duncan Crow SUS-170126-103712001
The Conservative View with Cllr Duncan Crow SUS-170126-103712001

80% of our local government services are provided by West Sussex County Council. The County Council has a strong record on investing in Crawley and protecting front line services, while still delivering savings.

West Sussex County Council is investing heavily in our town centre, helping the local economy and ensuring that our town centre will be vibrant and attractive for residents and visitors alike. The investment of £30 million in our road network has seen the overall condition improve considerably and we will see more roads resurfaced over the summer, including the major link road of Hazelwick Avenue in Three Bridges which will be fully resurfaced next month.

We are seeing a major investment in new pavements with the £11 million Better Pavements programme. We are in year two of a five-year programme and several local streets will be done, including six this year in Tilgate and Furnace Green.

The modernisation of the West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service has enabled new specialist equipment and vehicles to be purchased, which increases the capability when dealing with serious incidents. Our strong focus of prevention and safety continues to help reduce the number of fires which is great news, and our major refurbishment of Crawley Fire Station provides a facility fit for the 21st century.

We are campaigning for a fairer funding formula for our local schools and we await the results of a government public consultation. This follows our successful campaign for more money for Adult Social Care where the Government listened to us and provided the County Council with an additional £25 million to help over the next 3 years.

Our three local Conservative County Councillors in Crawley work to get things done for our town, but with Labour currently having six out of Crawley’s nine County Councillors, and who for several years have consistently voted against our investment in Crawley, we face a constant battle in securing this investment for Crawley. This Thursday you can vote for positive change in Crawley by voting for Conservative County Councillors who will always put our town first.