UFOs and paranormal - The Bainsford Haunting

Bainsford Falkirk Central Scotland - (Friday 12th October 1990)

Monday, 16th January 2012, 2:50 pm

(Malcolm Robinson continues this month with a case from the files of his extensive Investigations)


We arrived at the witness’s house in Bainsford a small town near Falkirk Central Scotland. It consisted of a main sitting room with a kitchen recess, a double bedroom, bathroom and hall. All in the entire house had a comfortable feel about it. The house was occupied by Linda Grant (33) and her dog, on the occasion on this visit, Linda’s mother was also present.

(1) The paranormal events started about 1988 although Linda had actually lived in the flat since 1982.

(2) Events had started with the appearance of a red light that Linda had noticed whilst she was in bed. She saw it through a glass panel above the bedroom door which she initially thought was the glow coming from the electric fire which she again thought that she had might mistakenly left on. Now this light incredibly started to come into the bedroom and move around the room like a torch. Linda had also seen something like a thick fog come into the bedroom and there was a distinct smell of perfume pervading the room which she said was definitely not hers.

(3) Most frightening was the fact that strange writing started to appear on Linda’s bedroom wall, this also consisted of numbers such as 32 and 57, plus letters such as E and D.

(4) There also appeared on the wall, a small ballet dancer which moved and was being chased by a man which was extremely bizarre.

(5) More writing appeared on the wall, this time saying, “you are...”. (There were more lines of writing beneath this but Linda had not waited to read anymore she left the room immediately and jumped in a taxi to her mother’s house). Linda stated that the writing was like a child’s writing and appeared high up on the bedroom wall. The writing was light coloured and it seemed like the wall had become like a screen! Sadly even going to her mother’s proved no escape as the writing started to appear on the walls of her mother’s house.

(6) One night having gone to bed at 10.30pm, Linda heard a voice say the word ‘Taneca’ she decided to check this word up at her local library and informed SPI that this word is Spanish for crystal. She went on to say to SPI that most of the paranormal events happened at night time.

(7) One night Linda saw a ‘bald man’ kneeling at the bottom of her bed of which Linda’s dog reacted to. Of course he wasn’t a real man in the true sense of the word; he was in fact a ghost. He had an expressionless face. On another occasion, Linda observed a hooded figure standing on the floor with its arms folded across its chest. The red light was now appearing more regularly in the home.

(8) We ascertained that a two year old boy had drowned in this house and that the floor of the bathroom was ‘ripped up’ in 1988 to put in a new bathroom suite. And it was since then, that all the paranormal and ghostly events transpired. Linda has also experienced someone/thing! Touching her (whilst no one was near her). On another occasion, blood was found smeared on the inside handle of the outside door.

(9) Linda also explained to SPI about the time that she saw letters appear in the carpet of her mother’s home and went on to say that it was always cold in her own bedroom, even in the summer months. She has also seen the curtains in her home billow out of their own accord (no window was open at the time)

(10) Another feature which Linda found disturbing was the time when she had made up the bed then after a few minutes elsewhere in the house, came back into the bedroom only to observe what looked like a depression on the bed as if someone had been lying down on it. Not only that, ornaments on the mantelpiece above the living room fire were moved around, something which she stated to SPI, was definitely not done by herself.

(11) Linda had noted that the vast majority of the paranormal events occurred between one and two am in the morning, and had been, over the past few months, been getting worse in their intensity. Another facet of the haunting in the family home, was the appearance of what appeared to be, ‘white smoke’ appearing near the wardrobe in her bedroom, something that Linda could not account for.


All in all, our first visit to see Linda and discuss her paranormal problems proved quite illuminating to us (but certainly not to her). It was clear to SPI that given all the above phenomena that was occurring in her home, she clearly was (a) Suffering from a mass delusion (b) making it all up, or (c) she seriously was being affected by ghostly manifestations in her home. At the end of the day, we had to come back, one visit was not enough to catalogue and find out what was going on, so we arranged to visit her again which we did.


On this occasion I introduced to Linda our psychic medium Mr Ian Shanes, Ian is a lovely guy who we’ve worked with before on many occasions. After my introductions and breaking the ice, Ian tuned into spirit and I should point out here that Ian was kept completely in the dark about what had been going on in this house, he knew nothing, but of course because we were using him as a medium in a family home, it didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to deduce that something may well be amiss. After a few minutes, Ian asked if he could move into Linda’s bedroom which was granted. A few minutes later Ian stated that he could ‘psychically see’, blood stains on the floor and he felt that someone had passed away in the bedroom and also got the impression of someone young, small and frail.

Ian then turned round to Linda and asked her that he felt that she (Linda) could psychically sense a ‘cold spot’ near her bed, this Linda stated was correct. Ian bowed his head for a few moments then looked up and said to those assembled in the room that he was now getting seeing a small child trying to come through the bedroom door and it was crying for its mother and appeared to be in some distress. Ian then started to walk into the living room followed by us all and immediately perceived a ‘grandfather figure’ standing next to Linda.

This grandfather figure was very upset whereupon Ian asked spirit to come and help this man away, moments later another spirit person appeared and led this grandfather figure away. At this point, Ian said he saw a ‘red light’ going straight through the living room wall (Ian of course knew nothing of the red lights seen in the house). Ian could see that Linda was quite distressed by all of what had been going on in her house and offered her some psychic healing as a way of hopefully calming her nerves, this he did but Linda seemed a wee bit apprehensive and got up out of her chair and went and put the kettle on for a cup of tea. (We later found out that Linda had had bad experiences with men hence her being apprehensive with Ian.) By now psychic visions/impressions were coming thick and fast to Ian and Ian related that he was seeing a spirit cat which sat down next to Linda, he then perceived a young spirit child come near Linda who was sympathetic towards her and extended her hand out to Linda where she was holding a buttercup in her palm. This spirit child then moved her hand and placed the buttercup underneath her chin after doing this, this spirit child then moved away from Linda and sat next to the living room fire.

Ian then psychically picked up the name Stanley, (Neither Linda or her mother could take this name). Ian then saw above Linda’s mother’s head, a bunch of ringed daises which was being given to her by a man, a good man, a man not given to silliness. He asked her if she could understand what this meant to which Linda’s mother replied, yes she could, (Unfortunately I don’t have now any information as to what that did mean). By now Ian truly was on a roll, he said he got the word ‘castigation’ and various other spirit messages were relayed by Ian to Linda and her mother. At one point, as Ian approached a small kitchen recess area, he informed all those present that he now had with him a spirit gentleman who was trying to get into this cupboard! This spirit gentleman then presented ‘spirit flowers’ to both Linda and her mother and also SPI’s Lorraine, (all of which was totally unseen by myself and all others, oh how I wish I was more psychically attuned!). It was at this point that Linda shouted out that she could see (psychically), lots of red lights hovering just slightly above the carpet.


It was at this point in the proceedings that Ian Shanes decided to say a short prayer in the Lord’s name and conduct what we call a ‘cleansing ceremony’ which effectively is a rendition of the Lord’s Prayer followed by Ian asking the spirit people to try and understand that they have moved on, that there is a ‘better place’ for them to go to and to bring peace again to the family home. After 15 minutes or so of Ian doing this, a big smile crossed the lips of Linda and she realised that our help was something that we were effecting which would (all things considered) bring stability back to the family home.

So, a very interesting case indeed. Was it the ‘real deal’? Or was it a ruse to try and get better housing accommodation? Well I guess we’ll never really know. But I hope that this is an illustration to you the reader, to understand the complexities of cases such as this.

Till next time, sleep well, and keep an open mind for things may not always be what they seem.

(c) Malcolm Robinson

(Malcolm’s new book is out UFO Case Files of Scotland (Volume 2, The Sightings) available from www.healingsofatlantis.com