Honour to serve town for past five years

Crawley MP Henry Smith's latest column
Crawley MP Henry Smith's latest column

It has been an honour to serve our town as its Member of Parliament these last five years.

It has been a privilege to provide personal assistance to over 5,000 constituents since the last general election and speak up for Crawley in the House of Commons over 300 times.

This Government have taken action to ensure the UK gets back on its feet. Income tax has been cut for 25 million people, and there are 1.9 million more people in work than in 2010 – with three quarters of these jobs being full-time.

There is still more to do – we need to ensure more people are in work. While Crawley unemployment is down by more than 60% since 2010, the job is by no means complete. This is why I have organised two Crawley Jobs Fairs, and will continue to work to ensure more local people are in work.

Youth unemployment in our town is down by three quarters since 2010 – I continue to work with organisations such as Youth Employment UK to get this down further.

Of course, work needs to pay. A majority Conservative government will cut income tax for 30 million people, and take everyone who earns less than £12,500 out of income tax altogether. I also support the pledge to support aspiration by raising the 40p tax threshold – so that no one earning less than £50,000 pays it.

We need a strong economy to support the NHS – with a young my family myself, I am well aware how important this is. A future Conservative government will ensure increased funding for our health service.

Around 1,000 Crawley firms have benefited from the £2,000 Employment Allowance and more people in our town have opened their own business with help from the Start-Up Loans Scheme.

Under a majority Conservative government, 3 million new apprenticeships will be created, to add to the doubling in apprenticeship places already achieved for Crawley, and work will be rewarded. Immigration will be controlled, and a robust system will be put in place for EU migrants.

If re-elected, I will continue to support an EU referendum. A majority Conservative government is the only way we can achieve the vote that is one of the most common issues for people to stop me in the street about.

I was also due to present the Crawley English Votes for English Laws petition to the House of Commons yesterday – high time for fairness on this constitutional anomaly.

More than 150 people in our town have benefited from the Help to Buy scheme. It was fascinating last week to visit Forge Wood, the fourteenth neighbourhood in Crawley. This, alongside the Kilnwood Vale development, will provide more local homes for local people.

Alongside being a father and a husband, representing our town in the House of Commons is one of the greatest responsibilities I have ever held.

I humbly ask you to lend me your vote on 7th May, and allow me to continue to stand up for Crawley.