KELLY BROWN: A dancer, the shy guy and a little socialite – the cast list for a children’s party!

THE shy child clinging on to their mum and the dancing diva who could not care less who else is in the room.

Yes, children’s parties provide a fantastic window into the personalities, fears and quirks of our little ones.

This was fantastically illustrated for me at the weekend when my daughter went to her friend’s birthday party.

Firstly, as you walk through the door you spot the child (usually a boy) who is stuck to their mum like glue – barely looking at anyone and not wanting to leave that parental ‘safety zone’.

Then you have the little ‘socialite’ child who goes running up to all the other children to say hello, and is happy to go and play with whoever wants to join in. (This was my daughter!)

She spent a large portion of the party playing Ring a Ring o’ Roses with her friends!

There is the child who is itching to get on with the ‘eating’ phase of the party. Then there is the little dancer (usually a girl) who stands right in the middle of the dance floor and is lost in their own little musical world.

And then there is the over-competitive child who is desperate to win all the party games!

You really can imagine what the personalities of these little people will be like when they grow up.

I’m worried my little lady will grow up to be a bit of a clothes diva. She had four outfits for this super hero-themed party.

She started as Superman (raiding her brother’s toybox), then changed to Spiderman and then before going out the door she asked to wear her party dress so she could be a princess.

Then at the party she ran up to me and said she now wanted to wear her ‘Elsa’ dress. And like magic I produced it from my bag. Thank goodness I anticipated this request.

And while I think of it, is it compulsory for all children’s fancy dress parties to have at least one Spiderman and one Elsa?

But one thing I can’t imagine is that my little lady will grow up to be shy.

While some of the children were a bit wary of meeting guest of honour Iron Man, my little lady went marching straight up to him!