LAURA CARTLEDGE: Some issues need you to divide in order to conquer – I’m ok with that

THIS GIRL is very adamant that she ‘can’.

So, understandably, she whole-heartedly supports Sport England’s latest #ThisGirlCan campaign.

She’s also going to stop speaking in third person now.

You may have seen it.

It shows women of all shapes and sizes doing an array of activities.

All capped off with straplines like ‘sweating like a pig, feeling like a fox’.

The aim is to give the ‘75 per cent of women in England say they want to be more active’ a nice nudge in the right direction.

You see I’m, surprisingly, all for girl power.

On the best of days I am ‘delightfully stubborn’ or ‘endearingly persistent’.

I can, I do and I get a bit grumpy when I can’t.

But nothing compared to the anger I feel when someone announces they ‘need a man’ – whether it is to lift a heavy box or open a jar.

It’s not so much a case of ‘if looks could kill’ – but at the very least I feel it would burn the bra of the person speaking.

There’s no doubt, like a lot of things I find myself rambling about here, it is a tricky subject.

Especially as, by separating women, even in a positive ‘go get ‘em’ way, it showcases this gender divide.

Do close-up shots claiming ‘I jiggle therefore I am’ reduce ladies to the sum of their bodyparts?

Then there are the campaign’s critics who say it should be ‘woman’ not ‘girl’.

It’s patronising, it excludes ‘those of a certain age’ – it doesn’t represent everyone.

I say – of course it doesn’t. How could it?

And I stay stop.

Instead of picking holes, perhaps we should see it as a good start? A foundation to build other things on.

And to keep building.

Until it isn’t an issue. It’s not a campaign. It’s not needed.