New Years Resolutions Are Not For Me.

Scribbles from my Notebook
Scribbles from my Notebook

First of all: happy new year!

I’m really looking forward to this year; I’ll be finishing my journalism qualification, and finally off into the big wide world. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? There are also some events and projects that I’m looking forward to-with a couple of interviews lined up, and other projects.

Instead of new years resolutions though, I have set myself some goals instead. (Because resolutions are not something that I manage stick to-rather, the next year, it’s back to square one. Goals are something far more achievable.)

First: Attempt the one hundred books in a year challenge. Books cannot be re-read, and have to be seperate volumes to “officially” count. (Sounds very ambitious, doesn’t it? Probably too much for my own good.) One of the books I wish to read is Good Times, Bad Times by Sir Harold Evans. Another book, coming out in Februray, I would love to read is Everything Is Lies by Helen Callaghan. Oh, and I would like to finish The Letters Of Sylvia Plath.

Get better at Shorthand, and pass the one hundred words per minute exam. Shorthand is the bane of my life (sorry to my lecturer!), and the thought of attempting the one hundred words a minute test scares me.

Graduate from the journalism course with the gold standard. Get a staff job either on a paper or magazine. (Editors, hit me up!)

Visit Peggy Porschen, the cake shop in London. Because, well, the exterior of the building is gorgeous-and the designs of the cakes fascinate me. They look too good to eat.

Go to the London Blog Convention, and the Byline Festival. (Tickets already booked, so we’re halfway there.)

Cut down on the amount of letters I write. (Last year, particularly towards the end, ended up being a bit stressful, as letters kept piling up, needing to be replied to. Besides, Email is more efficent.)

Be more assertive-such as by saying “No” more often. If there’s any situation, I am more likely to agree, then walk away. I also took on a lot more on than I could manage at the end of last year.

Get better at ‘self care’. The phrase ‘self care’ seems to be tossed about on the internet a lot-however, I’m not very good at taking time or care of myself. If there is any possible idea for a story whirring round in my head, I feel compelled to be writing it there and then. I can’t wait to the morning. It’s a terrible habit.

Be more organised. Any homework, writing, etc will be in before the deadline-or exactly on the deadline.

What do you hope to achieve this year?

This month I have read: Untold by Peter Jukes & Alistar Morgan, and My Paperchase by Sir Harold Evans. (I think that the latter should be made into a film-it was a brilliant read.)

I’m listening to: My Wild West by Lissie.

Writing: “The lazy girl’s hacks.”