On Your Marks: I have a new best buddy to help me reach my target

Owen Callaghan, fitness manager at K2 Crawley

There are 94 days left. That’s 2,256 hours before I take on the Run Gatwick Half Marathon.

I know have been writing this column for a while and have had time to prepare, but now it seems a little bit too real. But to help me through the last three months of training, I have a new best buddy.

My profile - hopefully it will look a bit different in three month's time

And this best buddy will also be running the Half Marathon with me.

K2 Crawley fitness manager Owen Callaghan (people who follow the local football scene across the county might recognise the name - he has played for Burgess Hill, Lancing, Peacehaven, Shoreham and Worthing United) has taken me on a ‘project’ to get me ready for the big day. On Monday I met with Owen and measured me up to see what sort of challenge he had on his hands.

Together we came up with medium and long-term goals. I had to pick a target time for the half marathon and, based on my 5k runs, I have plumped for a target time of 2hrs 40mins. Owen agreed that was achievable which was reassuring.

Now Owen has taken all my measurements (height, weight, BMI, visceral fat etc.), bespoke programme which will include one-to-one PT sessions consisting of; running sessions and using the new gym equipment for endurance based weight training, and apparently I will even be in the new indoor cycling studio to help with conditioning.

Warning graphic content!!

What was good to see was what I have done up to this point in my training has had an effect.When I started last September I was 113kgs, wore 38 inch waist trousers and had a BMI of 36.3. According to Owen’s measurements I am now 106kgs, I wear 36 inch trousers and have a BMI of 32.9.

This gave me a real boost - and has also reassured me that I can do this.

Owen said: “Don’t expect things to happen overnight, these things will happen gradually, it’s going to be a process. But if you stick at it you will feel better.”

During the next few weeks I will talk through the programme Owen has set out for me and also look at diet. I had changed my diet since last September but I have not been looking to closely at what I am eating.

With the help of My FitnessPal, I will be logging all I eat and Owen will make suggestions. Owen said: “Providing your diet is not horrendous we might just make minor tweaks. It will be really simple changes, might be eating more fruit, veg, drinking more water.”

To mark my target time of 2hrs 40mins - K2 Crawley are reducing their joining fee from £30 to £24 for the next week. Just cut out the coupon in this week's paper and take it to K2

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