On Your Marks: I’m spinning around, move outta my way!

The spin class
The spin class

When I started this challenge - to be able to run a half marathon from scratch - I knew my main issues would be getting fit and avoiding injury.

I have never been someone who is superfit and over the years I have had my share of injuries.

Ready for the spin class

Ready for the spin class

And in my initial runs I have felt some pains in my ankle and knee. There is a lot of pressure on the body and joints when doing road running.

So as part of my schedule with Owen Callaghan, fitness manager at K2 Crawley, I am doing a spin class.

This a cardiovascular workout which strengthens the legs without putting any pressure on the joints.

And last Wednesday I had my first one. Joining six other people in the hi-tech spin room at K2 Crawley, I was not sure what to expect - I have never done a class like this before.

After a slow warm-up Owen cranked up the music and put all of our RPMS up on a big screen so we could all see how fast we were going and how much wattage we were generating.

I am competitive by nature and seeing how the other spinners (I assume that’s what they are called) were doing against me spurred me on.

As the class went on, a mic’d up Owen gave us instructions and each mini session was the length of a music track.

One session would be starting slowly against a lot of resistance before reducing the resistance and going faster.

Another one would see us go the other way, start fast then increase the resistance as the track went on.

I found sitting much easier. I did try standing and really pushing against the resistance but I don’t feel my legs are up to it at the moment.

But as I grow into the sessions I am sure I will improve. The spin class lasted 45 minutes, I lasted about 35 after getting cramp in my left calf!

Owen says this is just my body getting used to a new exercise.

One thing Owen is introducing into my schedule is a recovery session - and he said swimming would be perfect for this. And this is great because I can do it with my son Noah.

So last week my schedule was:

Monday - 6k run

Tuesday - rest

Wednesday - spin class

Thursday - recovery session (swimming)

Friday - full body work in K2 Crawley gym

Saturday - rest day

Sunday - at least a 6k run

This is full on but I am really enjoying it and if I keep it up I expect to be able to reach my target of 2hrs 40mins for the Run Gatwick Half Marathon in May. Have you entered yet?