Rolling out paving to Memorial Gardens

The Labour View SUS-170126-103738001
The Labour View SUS-170126-103738001

It is exciting to see the new paving in Queens Square emerge as our contractors Blakedown Landscapes continue to make good progress. The quality of their work is high despite the difficult circumstances of working in a busy area that is still in use and under the gaze of all of us – their customers! I hope that, like me, you are looking forward to seeing the delivery of the next stages of the work including the seating, lighting columns and, of course, the water feature.

Following on from this, we were very pleased to announce that we have allocated funding to extend the scheme through Queensway and the Pavement to Memorial gardens. This work will be paid for by CBC and WSCC equally. The designs are based on the model set in Queens Square but extended so that they improve the environment for residents and visitors enjoying the Memorial gardens, shopping or just passing through the space. We also seek to modernise and calm the area by making it more friendly for pedestrians of all ages, buggies, mobility scooters and cyclists while still maintaining access to the car parking. Initial feedback from our businesses are that they welcome this further extension of the scheme. Please let us have your comments on the website or pick up a booklet at the Town Hall.

This action by your Labour council is helping to drive further improvements in our Town’s economic prosperity as we catch the attention of the business community drawing in further investment. And, of course, a prosperous Town is important to people of all ages and circumstances whether at school, working or retired.

We have several more exciting plans ‘in the pipeline’, including schemes for Manor Royal Business District, which I am looking forward to sharing with all residents as soon as they are fully worked through and with the appropriate funding in place. Your Labour led council is not making empty post-truth promises but is getting on with delivery of our ‘Pride in Crawley’ commitments.