A special Christmas reader offer for WW1 ‘Tommy’ statues.

A 10-inch Tommy
A 10-inch Tommy

Today, this publication gives you the chance to get your hands on a special commemorative gift.

Armistice did not end The First World War for everyone. In fact 18,355 British and Commonwealth soldiers died between the end of the First World War and New Year’s Eve 1918. 116 people from this cohort are laid to rest in Sussex cemeteries.

There But Not There is working with this newspaper’s owner, JPIMedia, to ensure this often forgotten cohort is remembered.

The ‘Bring Tommy Home for Christmas’ campaign, taking place in the centenary year of the Armistice, follows new figures that have been released by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, which reveal that nearly 20,000 veterans of the Great War died after November 11 1918.Each and every purchase of the charity’s iconic Tommy figure from https://shop.therebutnotthere.org.uk remembers an individual that died after Armistice. To find out who your Tommy remembers simply visit http://therebutnotthere.org.uk/rememberthem to enter your email address to receive the details of the individual they are commemorating. You will receive details such as Name, Rank, Regiment, Date of Death all providing a deeply personal way to remember the forgotten heroes of the Great War.

You will also receive links to further information should you wish to delve further. Using the JPIMedia15 discount code will ensure you receive a 15 per cent discount, meaning one will cost £25.50p.

Rowley Gregg MC, director of There But Not There, said: “The men who never made it home for Christmas in 1918, despite surviving one of the most horrific conflicts in human history, have always been overlooked during the remembrance period. With the readers’ support, our enduring hope is that this group of overlooked heroes will finally be remembered with the reverence that they deserve. As families come together this December, those readers that purchase one of the Tommies will not only be remembering those who have for too long been neglected, but will also be raising vital funds for military and mental health charities.”

Readers who purchase a Tommy by Monday, December 17 will receive it by Christmas Day 2018. All profits from the sale of the Tommies are donated to the following group of military and mental health charities: The Royal Foundation, Walking With The Wounded, Combat Stress, Help for Heroes, Project Equinox: Housing Veterans and Medical Students and Commonwealth War Graves Foundation.