Asian Hornet alert after nest found in neighbouring county

Correct image of Asian Hornet. Picture by Jean Haxaire from NNSS
Correct image of Asian Hornet. Picture by Jean Haxaire from NNSS

An appeal has been made to keep an eye out for Asian Hornets following the discovery of a nest in Hampshire.

The new nest was found by the National Bee Unit in New Alresford, Hampshire, following a report from a member of the general public.

The nest was promptly destroyed by the APHA Wildlife Team and the bee unit is continuing to search for further nests, with support from local beekeepers.

To work out whether it is an Asian hornet or a European hornet visit this blog on the RSPB website, which has a lot more detail about what to look for.

There have also been confirmed cases in Hull and Cornwall.

Two nests have now been destroyed in Cornwall and surveillance in this area continues.

No live hornets have been seen in Hull since a single dead Asian Hornet was found in a house, despite extensive surveillance.

The appeal says: “The New Alresford response highlights the importance of public awareness of this species and we are encouraging all stakeholders, particularly in the Cornwall and Hampshire regions, to help raise awareness of the need to be vigilant and report this species.”

If an Asian hornet is seen it can be reported via an online form, the Hornet Watch app; or by sending a picture to the alert email address: