Bedroom tax protest at town hall

Bedroom tax protest
Bedroom tax protest

Protesters gathered outside the town hall yesterday (Monday May 13) to demand an end to the ‘bedroom tax’.

The protest was organised in response to news that Stephanie Bottrill, 53, of the West Midlands, had killed herself, leaving a note blaming the government after being told she had to find an extra money to cover benefit changes.

The ‘tax’ means people on housing benefit who are under occupying their home will lose a percentage of their benefit for every spare bedroom in their home.

Organiser Richard Symonds said: “This was originally planned as a one-man protest, as an instinctive response as a human being to the tragedy I read about in an article.

“I was enraged, shocked and saddened - still am - and this protest comes as a result of this.

“Being disabled myself (deafness & associated problems), I am just one of many, many people who are suffering as a result of the savage cuts inflicted by national government and local government.”

Members of the Crawley Independent Tenants Association, campaign group Don’t Cut Us Out, and Crawley Labour Group leader Peter Lamb also attended the protest.

Last month Crawley Borough Council refused to call on the Government to reverse the ‘bedroom tax’ benefits changes after Labour councillors put a notice of motion before a full council meeting.