Brazen holidaymakers jet off ... leaving their cars parked in a sidestreet

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Cheeky holidaymakers are thought to be responsible for leaving their cars in a residential street in Crawley - before taking a bus to Gatwick.

Norman Wells, of Pyecombe Court, Bewbush, was looking out of his bedroom window when he saw two cars being parked near his home.

“Two families got out with suitcases. We’re on a No 10 bus route to the airport,” he said.

“The cars have been there for about two weeks now. I think they’ve just gone off on holiday.”

He added: “Crawley is terrible for parking at the best of times.

“I assume it’s not illegal to park like this, but it’s anti-social behaviour.

“I have had to park in the next road because there’s nowhere to park outside my house.

“In some ways I suppose it’s a good idea - they’re using their initiative but it’s inconvenient for people who live here.”

He feared it could be a growing trend in the town and is calling for it to be halted.

“If it’s a new thing it would be good to nip it in the bud,” he said.

A spokesman for Crawley Borough Council said: “We urge airport passengers to travel to and from Gatwick by public transport.

“If you are driving please be considerate to residents in the town’s neighbourhoods and park in official Gatwick Airport car parks.”