Bus drivers in Crawley hold fundraising event to help young boy

Leo at the wheel of a bus
Leo at the wheel of a bus

A fundraising event held by drivers at Metrobus raised £771 to help a young boy with medical difficulties.

Leo Davis was born with many complications. Pierre Robin syndrome, Hypospadias, seizures and severe airways obstruction.

The eight-year-old has had seven sets of surgery and now has use of a wheelchair and walking frame.

Leo also has a ventilator to help him breath when sleeping and is now being home educated by his mother Zoe and family members.

Leo’s mother Zoe is fundraising to get together enough money to drop a kerb outside the family home to allow easier access for Leo.

Zoe currently has to park on the main road, more often than not a few hundred metres down the road and walk Leo and his wheelchair,

Metrobus heard about the situation and offered its help.

Zoe said: “The manager Andy came to visit myself and Leo and Leo’s dad.

“He told us that Metrobus want to help.

“They held a fundraiser bacon roll and coffee sale and a Hawaiian day where some drivers wore Hawaiian shirts.

“Leo visited their depot and they raised £771.

“As a family, we would like to say a huge thank you to Metrobus for their support.

It will makes such a difference to Leo’s life.

“With a driveway Leo will be able to access his home safely and confidently.”

In May, Zoe organised a bring and buy garden sale and cake sale.

A bus driver stopped his vehicle outside the house and jumped out to give a £10 donation. The event raised £445.45. For more information search Making Leo's Limitations Limitless on Facebook