Buzzard dies after being illegally shot

Buzzard SUS-170523-153740001
Buzzard SUS-170523-153740001

A buzzard has died after being discovered illegally shot in a cornfield.

The bird was found injured by two girls walking their dog in a field near Balcombe railway station last Wednesday.

The girls contacted John Yeats from the Storrington-based Animal and Wildlife Rescue who rushed the injured bird of prey to Rangers Lodge wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre in Colgate.

There John and centre owner Jane Burrows cleaned the bird’s wounds and gave it antibiotics before taking it to a vet, who confirmed the buzzard had been shot.

“They established that the injury was too great for it to survive and unfortunately, they had to euthanase it,” said John.

In England, all wild birds, their nests and eggs are protected by law.