Cameras onboard Biffa trucks show impatient motorists driving on pavements in Crawley - watch the video here

Crawley Borough Council have asked drivers to be patient as Biffa vehicles do their collections in Crawley.

Friday, 21st May 2021, 7:50 am

Cameras on Biffa trucks have captured examples of people drving on pavements to avoid waiting for the collections to be done. You can see the video above

And Crawley Borough Council have tweeted the footage to ask people to be patient. In their tweet they said: "Onboard cameras have filmed more examples of motorists driving recklessly on pavements.

"All of this footage was filmed in Crawley. Most people wait a short time for @Biffa collection vehicles to move but a small minority don't. Please be patient and wait until it's safe to pass."

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Footage from the onboard cameras