Chichester University students should make some noise

Chichester University Student's Union
Chichester University Student's Union

I received a letter from Chichester University Students’ Union recently, informing me that one of their Freshers week events would be a silent disco where the music will be listened to on headphones.

This is apparently to minimise inconvenience and disturbance to local residents.

Isn’t Freshers’ week an event where students are encouraged to enjoy themselves, part of which involves making a noise? As a local resident I am appalled that the Students’ Union feel the need to write to me and tell me just how hard they are working to keep quiet.

I would love to be ‘inconvenienced and disturbed’ by the sound of the Fresher’s Week disco throbbing far into the night if it meant the idea of a silent disco had been abandoned.

David Dorning

(aged 66 and 3/4 but can remember being 18)

Lavant Road,