COLUMN: Let’s Face It - Mammoth bulb task completed


Just in the nick of time before the weather turns colder and the ground begins to freeze we have completed our mammoth community bulb planting – an incredible 40,000 bulbs all planted by hand in just six weeks!

The last three projects took place in West Green, Northgate and Three Bridges on a cold but bright sunny Saturday. First up was West Green where neighbours worked together with members of West Green Community Forum and local Councillor Bill Ward worked to plant 2,000 daffodils in the triangular green area outside 7-19 Town Barn Road. Residents had already planted some daffodils in the green so we were very careful not to dig theirs up while planting the new ones! Many thanks to the lovely Pam for supplying a welcome break of tea and coffee and also to David for washing and cleaning our tools ready for the next project – we have never had such shiny spades!

On then to Northgate and another 2,000 bulbs, this time members of Northgate Matters helped to plant 1,000 bulbs at the junction of Green Lane and Woodfield Road and a further 1,000 on the green area at the top of Boundary Road where it meets Cross Path.

Northgate Matters had chosen the locations and it was a surprise to them to find out that Ruth Growney, the Let’s FACE it! co-ordinator for Crawley Borough Council, had such a strong connection to Boundary Road. Ruth said: “It was such a lovely gesture to be able to plant daffodils in the street where I was born and where my mother still lives. It’s nice to think that there will always be a family connection to the street now for as long as the daffodils are there.”

The final project was at Crawters Close where members of Three Bridges Forum together with Councillor Bob Burgess planted the final 2,000 daffodils.

The forum was joined by youngsters Peter and Eve who were only visiting Crawley for the day but who were brought along by their grandparents – the children seemed to enjoy themselves anyway and many thanks to them for helping. Also thanks to Bobbie and Simon who were press ganged into helping put bulbs in holes even though they had just finished taking their dogs for a walk. Special thanks also to Gary, Kevin and Sorin from the council, whose work rate at digging holes increased as the day wore on!

In fact, Let’s FACE it! would like to thank EVERYONE involved with the incredible bulb planting effort of the past few weeks. More than 250 volunteers representing every neighbourhood of the town have worked to make Crawley a better place and we look forward to seeing the first daffodils bloom to herald the spring.

In the meantime Christmas is nearly upon us, Let’s FACE it! is taking a break until the New Year so may we take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful and happy New Year. See you in 2015!