Council pays out £694k redundancy cash to axed staff


Crawley Borough Council has forked out more than £694,000 in redundancy payments to staff axed this year.

The redundancies came as a result of a restructuring at the town hall which saw the deleting of several roles and the introduction of a new senior management team.

The average redundancy payout per employee was £23,932.

A council spokesman said the management change would save taxpayers £256,000 while other restructures at the town hall would save a total £1,111,000 a year.

Council leader Cllr Peter Lamb said: “The senior management team at the council has been ‘top heavy’ for quite some time, with heads of service reducing from 15 to eight over several years but four directors remaining.

“This new structure makes the council more streamlined at the same time as saving taxpayers significant sums of money.

“I’d like to thank all staff who have left or are leaving the council. They have given many years of loyal service to the council, Crawley and its residents.”

The council’s new senior management team will be made up of the chief executive, deputy chief executive and eight heads of service.

Three directors’ posts were deleted as was the Head of Property post.

The post of Head of Finance, Revenues and Benefits was retained and the post of Deputy Head of Finance was deleted. The post of Head of Planning and Environmental Services was deleted and the post of Head of Economic and Environmental Services created.

A council spokesman said as a result of the review, two former directors and a head of service would be leaving the council in early 2015.

A new post of Head of Economic and Environmental Services will be advertised in the new year.