Crawley boy named Young Health Hero

A boy from Crawley has received an award for his heroic act to help his ill sister.

Ronnie Musselwhite gave his older sister Ebonie a bone marrow transplant last year.

Ebonie had leukaemia and the transplant was the eight-year-old’s only hope. She nominated her younger brother before her death in June.

Now aged five, Ronnie was named Young Health Hero at The Sun’s Who Cares Wins Awards, in recognition of his selfless act.

He was handed his award by TV personality Penny Lancaster, who was reduced to tears by his story.

Penny said: “To say I am humbled to be here is an understatement. Sometimes you think life has turned a corner on you, but then someone else turns up to give you some inspiration.

“The courage this little man has shown is absolutely incredible. He’s only five years old, he’s lost a sister. He was incredibly shy to stand up in front of everyone to collect his award, but he again was so brave.”

Ronnie’s mum, Christine Jenkins, 40, said: “We want Ronnie to know that what he did still worked, was still brave, even though he lost his sister.”