Crawley families invited to apply for BBC TV’s Shop Well For Less

Shop Well for Less?
Shop Well for Less?

The hit BBC One series ‘Shop Well For Less?’ is back with a fourth series and a Christmas special and the production team is looking for families in the Crawley area to take part.

The team say: “Whether we’re hooked by the exquisite whiff of a new handbag, the shiny lure of the latest gadget or the irresistible promises of beauty lotions and potions, one thing’s for sure - as a nation we simply love to buy.

“With a few simple tricks, we can all learn to buy better and spend less.

“When should you save your money? And just as crucially - when should you invest in spending a little bit more? This fun, surprising and practical series teaches us all the tricks of the trade we need to ‘SHOP WELL... FOR LESS’.

“This series, we are also making a Christmas special and are on the hunt for a family who love Christmas.

“Do you spend a fortune on perfect presents and blinging baubles? We will show you how to stuff your Christmas stocking, bejewel your entire home and choose a present that’ll never be re-gifted and still have change leftover for a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie.”

Get in touch with the team today to apply or to find out more by emailing:

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