Crawley gaming marathon to help leukaemia charity


Three aspiring online-gamers are getting behind a national gaming campaign for a leukaemia charity.

Harry, 17, Elliot, 19, and Callum, 19, have their own online community, known as the Necronomicon, which has connected over 350 different gamers.

Necronomicon Discord, based in Crawley, is holding an online gaming marathon and is aiming to raise money for Leukaemia Care.

They will be live streaming - broadcasting their play session online to supporters.

Harry, Elliot and Callum say they are looking forward to taking on the charity challenge.

Harry said: “I wanted to help people who are less fortunate than myself, leukaemia is a serious problem, especially in children. I can’t fathom the difficulties and problems that are faced by the individual, or the family. Knowing someone that suffers from leukaemia, I have no power whatsoever to help them. As such, by raising money for a reputable charity which caters for leukaemia I will be able to support people like him. United, us and our community believe we can have an impact; to change things for the better.”

Elliot said: “I have always wanted to find a way to help those whilst also doing what I am best at. I am not the best cook, nor athletic, however I am a passionate gamer and content creator and with some good friends and an amazing community with me. I feel that it is the perfect time to do something good for people.”

Nicole Scully, fundraising manager for Leukaemia Care said: “Online gaming is a new avenue for Leukaemia Care but is already proving popular with gamers. This is a way of engaging with people who perhaps wouldn’t get involved in traditional fundraising events and is a way of turning a hobby into a fantastic force for good.”

Harry, Elliot and Callum, along with their online community will be holding their streaming marathon from 5pm on August 25 until 5pm on August 26.

Anybody interested in supporting their fundraising can find out more at: and

Anybody else considering having a streaming event for Leukaemia Care can contact the team on