Crawley neighbours come together to renovate each other's gardens

A neighbourhood in Crawley has banded together during lockdown to renovate each other’s gardens.

Monday, 28th June 2021, 12:20 pm
Updated Monday, 28th June 2021, 12:22 pm

Over the last 11 weeks the residents of Beale Court in Bewbush have cleared the garden, added flowers and fencing to their communal area, and have begun work on a play area for the children.

A gallery of pictures from the renovated gardens can be found here.

Resident Keely Cassidy, said: “A few of the neighbours decided that they just wanted to sort out some of the garden.

Residents Dave Saunders, Mark Luffman and Isabel Carvalho with some of the completed work in the communal area at Beale Court in Bewbush

“And because of everything that has happened with lockdown, no one has seen each other so it might get the community together.

“They started at the front where the communal area is. We’ve all put money in but the guys have done a lot of the heavy lifting and the work.

“It literally brought the whole of the court out so they’re all helping, they’re all doing their gardens. They’ve put up a new fence for me and everything.

“They’ve put flowers in, they’ve put fencing up, everyone’s chipped in. They’ve donated a plant or flower.

Over the last 11 weeks, the residents of Beale Court in Bewbush, have transformed the look of the court

“We’re doing a little play area for the kids so the kids can come out and play and it’s more safe.

“When they started clearing it all up they found needles and stuff in the bushes so we thought we should make it clean and tidy so the kids have somewhere to go.”

The community have been complimented on their new greenery, and will now endeavour to keep Beale Court’s garden looking spectacular.

Keely added: “We’ve had people walking past saying it’s lovely to see what’s going on.

“We’re going to keep it together and keep it clean. The council have said that they don’t want to cut the grass so we thought we’d just get everyone together.”

After a testing and tumultuous year, Keely praised her neighbours for coming together and showing their community spirit.

She said: “It’s nearly been a year-and-a-half of being in and we felt that we needed to come together and that’s what we did.

“But knowing all my neighbours now is nice. We’re all here for each other. We didn’t know that before.

“It’s amazing to have the neighbours that I’ve got.”