Crawley primary school makes national headlines after it warns parents not to wear 'skimpy' clothing on school run

A Crawley school that has asked parents not to wear 'skimpy' short skirts on the school run has made national headlines.

Monday, 22nd March 2021, 8:14 am

Seymour School, in Seymour Road, Broadfield, sent a letter marked Playground Etiquette, home to parents asking to dress appropriately for pick-ups and it added: "Wearing clothes that are too skimpy or for other times of day is not setting a good example.”

The Sun and the Daily Mail both run stories on the letter and reaction to it this weekend.

The Sun reported co-headteachers Carol Collins and Emma Eardley said: “In response to increasing numbers of parents wearing pyjamas and, at times revealing clothing that looked like underwear, the school issued a note asking parents to consider dressing more appropriately.

“Whilst well intended as guidance, the school acknowledges the wording could have been less prescriptive.”

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Seymour School in Broadfield