Crawley school choir featured on Rihanna’s new single

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  • Disbelief from delighted students when they were told the news
  • Former student co-wrote Towards The Sun
  • Students had no idea who song was for

A Crawley school choir has been left in disbelief after a tune they recorded two years ago was used on Rihanna’s new single.

Ifield Community College choir can be heard supporting the singer through much of Towards The Sun, which was released on February 24.

What is even more remarkable is the song was co-written and produced by former Ifield Community College Choir member Tiago Carvalho, who now works as a producer for Sony/Universal in the USA.

The song also features on an album, curated by Rihanna, to be released in March, of music from the forthcoming animation by Dreamworks, called Home.

Choir master Patrick Allen said: “The track wasn’t originally allocated to Rihanna. It was a recording Tiago had made and, because he had been here very recently and knew we had a choir with the sound he needed, he came here and recorded it.

“He didn’t know who the track would be for but it was handed around and eventually Rihanna got it.”

To download the song, log on to Rihanna’s official site.

You can follow the choir on Twitter @ifieldchoir

“The track wasn’t originally allocated to Rihanna”