Crawley woman’s Transylvanian trek for breast cancer charity

Charlotte Kenneth
Charlotte Kenneth

Charlotte Kenneth, 28, from Crawley, is preparing for a four-day charity trek in the Transylvanian alps.

She is raising money for breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! which teaches young people about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer

The charity was created by twin sisters, one of whom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“By the time it was diagnosed, it was basically incurable,” said Charlotte.

“I’ve got a twin sister myself, so I found it really relateable.

She will be in Romania from July 22 to 27, and spend four days on a gruelling trek through the Transylvanian alps.

There will be 60 fundraisers there, in two teams of 30. The team leaders will be TV and radio presenter Lisa Snowdon, and singer/songwriter Tom Fletcher of the band McFly.

They aim to cover 43 miles in four days - on the face of it, not that hard, though the mountainous terrain will make it a challenge.

On her fundraising webpage, Charlotte says: “Between the 22nd and 27th July I will be camping in a small Romanian village, and tackling the rugged wilderness and the region’s impressive mountain ranges.

“It won’t be easy, spending all day hiking rough terrain, dodging bears in the woods then having to set up camp in the evening.

“CoppaFeel! is a breast cancer awareness charity who’s mission is to spread awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer across the country.

“CoppaFeel!stood out to me as it was founded by twin sisters Maren and Kris, after twin Kris was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of just 23!

“Kris was misdiognosed on a couple of occasions and her outcome could have been so different had it of been diagnosed earlier.

“I feel it’s so important to educate young people about the signs of breast cancer so they can get the best possible outcome, they aren’t just people they are a daughter, sister, Mum, Aunt, niece or friend and if by raising money and awareness that helps someone’s family/friend get an early diagnosis then this trek will be completely worth it!”

When the Crawley Observer went to press, the total on Charlotte’s webpage stood at. £1,170.43. Charlotte said she was also grateful to JOG Contractors, which has kindly donated £100.

You can support her fundraising at: