‘Delight’ over new town centre blooms

Colourful baskets in West Street, Horsham SUS-180723-163946001
Colourful baskets in West Street, Horsham SUS-180723-163946001

New hanging flower baskets sited in Horsham town centre are being welcomed by shoppers and residents.

And members of Horsham in Bloom say they are delighted that the pole-mounted baskets “have returned the colour and vibrancy to West Street after far too long a gap. 

“For many residents and visitors to Horsham the street has ‘come alive’ again and lifted the dull and drab sight it had become.”

Previous planters were removed by Horsham District Council following a refurbishment project when they were deemed too old fashioned. “Since then,” say Horsham in Bloom members, “various themes have been tried and all have proved unsuccessful.”
A spokesman added: “Horsham in Blook lobbied the project team at the time of the refurbishment debacle and cautioned that nothing, especially at street level, would have the same impact as the baskets, be as vandal proof or not be used as litter bins or ashtrays. We feel it’s a case of ‘We told you so!’
“Some residents may be concerned about the cost of reinstating this attraction.  The original poles were wisely stored when they were removed and have now been repainted and repositioned along the street. Use has also been made of the wooden planters, financed by the original refurbishment grant from West Sussex County Council. The best of the evergreen yews have been retained and other containers planted with eye-catching annuals to match the colour scheme of the baskets.  
“With the Horsham Year of Culture fast approaching, it is encouraging to see that Councillor Jonathan Chowen, cabinet member with responsibility for leisure and culture, has recognised the importance of horticulture in the overall scheme of events by asking the professionally-trained and experienced team at Horsham District Council parks and countryside, led by Evan Giles, to set the scene for what promises to be a busy year for both Horsham Town and the surrounding district.

“The return of the baskets and colour to West Street restores the now unbroken Green Ribbon from the railway station to the bus station.”