Disabled woman, 83, fears leaving home after theft

Denise Ranson (Pic by Jon Rigby) SUS-150427-143158008
Denise Ranson (Pic by Jon Rigby) SUS-150427-143158008

An 83-year-old disabled woman fears leaving her home after thieves stole her mobility scooter’s shopping basket.

The metal wire basket was stolen from outside the Co-op in Ifield Drive at around 11.30pm on Sunday (April 19).

Denise Ranson, of Warren Road, Ifield, was in the Co-op for some five minutes.

She said: “I’m frightened to go down the shops in case they pinch the shopping basket again.

“The more I think about it the crosser I get.

“I had to put my shopping in between my legs in the scooter.

“I would not do any harm and they take a clearly little basket of no value off a scooter.”

Denise lives alone and uses a walking stick. She said being able to leave her home was very important to her but she had not been shopping since the theft.

Walking is very painful for her because of injuries in her legs and a trapped nerve in her back.

Denise loaned the scooter from ScootersForYou after being discharged from hospital for other health issues two weeks before.

The company has replaced her scooter with one that had a shopping basket.

Denise has lived in Crawley for 61 years.

She was a British Red Cross volunteer in town.

She was responsible for the construction of the life-saving charity’s training centre in West Green Drive 20 years ago.