Facebook users tell world to let sex in the park couple ‘get on with it’

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A couple caught having sex in a park in Three Bridges have caused an internet frenzy.

Video of the half-naked couple caught in a passionate clinch was posted on YouTube on April 15 and shared on social media after being filmed by workers at a nearby office.

The amorous couple soon found their antics appearing on national newspapers’ websites.

While some criticised their actions, many found it amusing.

Others criticised the person who filmed them and the Facebook site for being “obsessed”.

Luke Lsw Whitridge wrote: “You’re probably making their life a living hell right about now. For what benefit?”

Natalie Cannon posted: “Omg how pathetic can people get? It’s there – let them get on with it.”

Robert Murphy added: “Having a bit of fun, what’s wrong with that?”

But Mary Jessie Mills was among those disgusted by the couple’s actions.

She posted: “Makes you sick. Families could be there for a kick about with a ball with kids.”