Fears of increasing numbers of ‘dog haters’

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‘Dog haters’ are on the increase in Horsham.

That’s the fear of some pet owners in the town who have taken to social media to express their concern.

One woman, who owns a grehound, says that she has been on the receiving end of ‘curtain twitchers’ watching her dog’s every move when walking around the Pondtail Road and North Heath Lane area of the town.

She says people have come out of their houses, ‘staring’ and that there have been more dog-fouling warning signs erected.

She said: “Whilst I am sure there are people who do not clear up after their dogs, and I wholly agree this is wrong, I am not one of them and draw the line at this increasingly ‘anti social’ behaviour directed in this blanket way.

“Having spoken to other walkers when out and about, I am hearing similar experiences.”

Another wrote on the social media site Streetlife.com: “I had an incident around the Pondtail area - I was walking two dogs on the lead and I was made to feel very uncomfortable by a couple who were obviously watching me to see if I cleared up one of the dog’s mess.

“I carry a bag with me full to the brim with dog bags and I always clear up no matter how many bags it takes to clear the mess. I saw them shaking their heads when the dog needed to relieve itself. What am I expected to do - ask the dog to cross its legs?”

She said she had definitely noticed “an uncomfortable atmosphere around the Pondtail/North Heath area and feel that I am being watched the whole time.”

Another said she had been ‘stalked’ by a man who, after she had picked up her dog’s waste, was told by him that she had ‘put it in the wrong bin.’