Flock of lambs near Horsham destroyed by dog in ‘vicious’ attack

A flock of lambs near Horsham has been destroyed by a ‘vicious dog attack’.

Thursday, 29th July 2021, 11:48 am

Louise Dace, 46, has spoken out about the ‘horrific scene’ she discovered after her flock of four-month-old lambs was torn apart and mutilated.

The Billingshurst resident, who owns and runs a farm and stud, said: “[I was] devastated to find that my flock of lambs have been destroyed by a vicious dog attack.

“I am absolutely heart broken.”

One of Louise's lambs after the horrific attack

Louise, of Coppedhall Farm and Stud, said she was shocked to discover the nightmare scene where she saw body parts strewn around the field where ten sheep normally live after the attack – thought to have happened on Monday. Seven lambs died in the chaos.

She added: “There were just heads, bodies, legs everywhere.”

Louise hit out at irresponsible dog owners, urging them to control their pets in a bid to prevent further destruction.

She added: “It just makes me angry. They just don’t give any consideration to people with land and what we do for our animals. I have had people just walk through here and leave gates open.

“They just don’t realise these simple mistakes can be easily avoided but they cost us money.

“All the blood sweat and tears has gone to waste in a flash.”

And Louise, who has reported the gruesome attack to police, warned that if dogs are found on the loose on her land they will be shot.

She said: “Any dog found to be trespassing will be shot.

“If anyone has any information on anyone that walks their dogs from Billingshurst or Rowner Road please do the right thing and PM me or report to 101 before the irresponsible person and dog has the chance to do it again protect our countryside.”