Green council under fire over housing bid

Crawley Labour councillors have accused Green-controlled Brighton and Hove City Council Council of ‘hypocrisy on a grand scale’ by requesting to send unhoused council tenants to Crawley.

Cllr Ian Irvine (Lab, Boradfield North) said Brighton and Hove’s planning department had sent a formal request to Crawley Borough Council for assistance with its housing needs. He said: “This is the hypocrisy of the Greens in Brighton affecting us here in Crawley on a grand scale. Rather than find places in their own area, they would rather ask places like Crawley to build homes for them to house their waiting list. They must be joking! We have more than enough of our own housing need without having to deal with anyone else’s”.

Labour Group leader Cllr Peter Lamb added: “It is sad to see the Greens in Brighton and Hove are so NIMBY [Not in my back yard] they would rather offload their housing needs onto built-up areas like Crawley.”

A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said the request was sent to numerous neighbouring councils as a matter of routine.