Heroic mystery marathon man

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A German couple are searching for a marathon runner who rescued them from a holiday nightmare in Crawley.

Bernd and Ursula Requardt began their two week holiday with a stressful start when they drove to Crawley from Heathrow and became lost while searching for a hotel.

They stopped and asked a young male runner for directions and he offered to get in the car and direct as the route was hard to explain.

The frustrating day, on May 10, turned into a nightmare when Bernd hit the curb and caused a puncture.

He said: “I was really troubled and at a total loss what to do.

“My wife was very upset as these were the first hours of a two weeks holiday and everything seemed to go wrong.”

As the couple despaired the runner offered to change the wheel.

Bernd explained: “Within minutes he had got the spare wheel and all the tools out, put on the new wheel and put the damaged one into the boot. And we were able to travel on.”

The runner explained to the couple he was training for The London2Brighton Challenge.

Bernd added: “Upset like I was, I forgot to ask for your name and address. And then you were gone.

“I hope our thanks will reach you this way. We are very grateful for your spontaneous offer to help us and for the time you sacrificed to get us back on track.

“We will always remember your kindness and the immediate help you gave us. We hope you had a successful charity run!”

Bernd has requested that the runner get in contact via requardt41@icloud.com