Horley six-year-old surprised on return from hospital with replica of Disney Pixar ‘Up’ House

A customer of The Original Factory Shop gave his six-year-old son the ultimate surprise when he returned from hospital by arranging for the retailer to use its Party Shop range to create a replica of the Disney Pixar ‘Up’ House from his favourite film.

Monday, 24th May 2021, 10:35 am

Nick Waldron from Horley arranged for a balloon display from the retailer – costing a total of £60 to create – using a variety of latex and foil balloons with helium and weights to create the spectacle that greeted his son when he arrived home with a broken arm.

Nick said: “The look on my sons face when he arrived home was priceless. It’s amazing what can be created with a selection of 20p packets of balloons, helium and weights.”

The Up house being made in the Factory Shop in Hirley

Jasmin Limb from The Original Factory Shop in Horley said: “Nick came to us as his son had broken his arm and had to spend the night in hospital. To help put a smile of his face when he returned home and take away some of the pain… even if just for a few minutes… we used our Party Range to re-create the house from his favourite Disney film – Up!”

“With many children unable to celebrate special occasions with family and friends due to lockdown restrictions, parents are still looking for ways to make these occasions extra special for them. Our Party Range helps to do this, bringing a sense of joy to customers.”

The Original Factory Shop’s Party Shop range is now available in 100 stores.

The return surprise for this Horley six-year-old